The Jewellery Garden - Bespoke Handmade Gemstone Jewellery & Accessories



Welcome to the Sieredan Jewellery Garden, where all jewellery is hand crafted from the finest materials.

We use only the best gem stones and crystals, sourced from around the world.

At the Jewellery Garden you will find much more than traditional gem stone crystal jewellery. Hand crafted jewellery made of seed, metal, and plastic beads are all available.

You can also find jewellery made of horn, bone, wood, acrylics and resin. Chains and bracelets can be made of sterling silver or be sterling plated.

In addition to the fine pieces you will find in our collection, any of the above can be combined to make a custom piece.

We make jewellery for women, men and children. We also make crystal accessories for mobile phones, books, and even pets. Every piece is unique and hand crafted. Our pieces come packed in dried lavender in either a black or organza pouch. You can also request that your gift be gift boxed or wrapped.


About the Owner

I have always been obsessed with jewellery. From a very young age I created pieces of jewellery for myself and others. I was very passionate about it and spent hours at my craft.

This meant I didn’t get much exercise, and I gained a lot of weight. I started cutting dining out and tried to take my own lunch to school, but I didn’t get very far.

In 2008 I moved to Toronto to attend George Brown College for their Goldsmithing and Jewellery Arts programs.

In December 2011 I made the decision to open my own store, and it became a reality in June 2012. This drastic change in my life was accompanied by another drastic change: the ketogenic diet.

I discovered the diet in 2012, and immediately began losing weight. I lost 30 pounds.

I started my journey with ketogenic diet books that described the program, and I continued on with the ketogenic lifestyle. To go along with these wonderful cookbooks are books on meal prep which help plan ahead meals.

These books by Jeremy Stone were so important to my success.

In 2015 the company had been so successful that I started a new venture, a second store in Ossington. We had expanded so much (while my waist decreased) that we needed more space to store our inventory and new workshops for creating even more custom jewellery.

With the expansion we can now focus more on our custom-made layouts, and can provide jewellery for involvement rings and wedding event bands. During this time I discovered keto dessert fat bombs. These Ketogenic fat bombs are snacks that match the diet and lifestyle.

They hold you over between meals so that you can stick to the diet. Because they are packed with fat, they meet the needs of the diet but also help you feel full. 

These fat bombs is how I lost even more weight than before.

In the last five years my life has changed dramatically. From starting a successful, thriving business to losing weight and becoming healthy, I could not be happier with my success.

All of this change was frightening and exciting at the same time, but the payoff has been tremendous.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds, and I hope my success story with the ketogenic diet and my drop shipping business can inspire others.

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